• Do you have too many clothes?
  • Is your closet a disaster zone?
  • You can't pick out anything to wear in the morning?
  • Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning out your closet?
  • Do you love color and think that means you could never have a minimalist lifestyle?

Grab this compilation of my 5 BEST POSTS on closet organization and minimalist style to help you declutter your closet and:

  • Find your unique style
  • Build a colorful minimalist wardrobe you love!
  • Let go of clothes that you never wear!
  • Feel fantastic every day!

Here is a sneak peak of the articles that are in the book:

  • 8 Questions to Clean Out Your Closet
  • Colorful Minimalist Wardrobe for Your Personality! -How to make it your own!
  • Seasonal Closet Organization -The Fun Way Minimalists Get New Clothes!
  • Cheap (or FREE) Closet Hacks For A Tidy Closet!
  • The Simple Way to Be Beautiful and Capable Everyday. The Importance of Self Worth